August 13, 2020   |   5 minute read

Live Environment Testing of Magswitch Technology Employees to Inform Commercial Production

BOULDER, Colo., Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SOBR™ Safe, Inc. (OTC Pink: SOBR) (, developers of the patented non-invasive alcohol detection system SOBR™Check, announced today that it launched and is halfway through its first 90-day pilot testing program with international manufacturer Magswitch Technology ( With seven offices around the globe, Boulder, CO-based Magswitch is representative of the type of manufacturing customers SOBR Safe intends to pursue for the Workplace Access Control function of its SOBRcheck solution.

The SOBRcheck solution, a first to market device addressing a potential $15 billion growth opportunity (per Reports and Data), is the only known preventative transdermal alcohol detection system coming available to the U.S. market and is further augmented by a biometric fingerprint sensor – linking detection results to a unique individual. Data will be delivered real-time through SOBR Safe’s cloud-based interface to Human Resources or Occupational Safety officers, empowering them to enforce Zero Tolerance policies.

Under the pilot program and consistent with an eventual commercial installation, Magswitch employees submit to quick, hygienic identity verification and alcohol screening prior to entering the company’s production area by simply placing two fingers on SOBRcheck’s sensors. During this first pilot phase, the ergonomics of the device are being rigorously evaluated to improve user comfort and screening accuracy. Magswitch will also participate in the second pilot phase with the next iteration of the device planned for September; the goal of this phase will be to ensure repeatability of readings for broad industrial use. SOBR Safe’s goal is to finalize the commercial product design by the end of 2020.

“As a responsible employer, the safety of our staff is of primary importance,” stated Magswitch Technology CEO David Morton. “We believe that with SOBR™Check we’ll be able to ensure an alcohol-free work environment, further reducing the opportunity for accidents while also driving peak productivity. We are excited to host SOBRcheck’s first pilot program and we look forward to a permanent installation in the future.”

Followed SOBR Safe CEO Kevin Moore, “This pilot program with Magswitch is the beginning of a dream realized for SOBR Safe and our investors – after years in development, our SOBR™Check solution is undergoing final field testing prior to commercial production. We are grateful for Magswitch’s interest and participation, and we anticipate a fruitful partnership with the company moving forward.”

Each year, alcohol-related injuries, deaths and lost productivity costs American employers and insurers up to $63 billion. One half of all industrial accidents involve alcohol, and commercial fleets suffer from over 11,000 alcohol-related accidents each year. SOBR Safe believes its solution addresses this problem and once successfully tested will be immediately applicable for delivery, service, and school bus fleet management, as well as workplace access control in manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

About Magswitch Technology, Inc. (

Magswitch Technology, headquartered in Colorado, USA is a leader in switchable magnetic technology. From initial development, design and engineering to manufacturing, final delivery and distribution, Magswitch has paved the way for innovation in multiple industries across the globe. Magswitch has evolved from manufacturing magnetic tools to engineering innovative technology to increase safety, productivity, and speed in industries such as welding, fabrication, automation, manufacturing, heavy industry, woodworking and more. With numerous patents and patents pending in all industrialized markets across the globe, Magswitch has evolved into a global integrated business. Magswitch is committed to a business model that identifies key industry partners, allowing the corporation to leverage its technology and products through recognized global distributors.

About SOBR™ Safe, Inc. (

SOBR Safe, Inc. has developed and patented a non-invasive alcohol sensing system – SOBR™Check. SOBRcheck is a potentially disruptive solution in alcohol consumption detection – a touch-based technology with anticipated applications in school buses, commercial trucking fleets, facility access control and more. Across industries, the headlines are consistent: alcohol is a clear and present danger – impaired operation destroys lives, families and companies alike. SOBR Safe’s mission is to eliminate the destructive impact of alcohol on our roadways and workplaces…with just the touch of a finger.

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