Touch-Based Alcohol Detection

Creating a Culture
of Prevention

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Introducing SOBRcheck

SOBRsafe is creating a culture of prevention through our touch-based, IoT-enabled alcohol detection platform SOBRcheck, featuring real-time remote reporting and data analytics.

We seek to:

  • Reduce current operating costs through insurance savings
  • Add significant, uniform safety measures
  • Protect against future catastrophic liabilities due to alcohol use

Unlock Insurance Savings

  • Like consumer driver discounts, safe business discounts available
  • Commitment to daily, uniform safety verification required to unlock
  • Multiple carriers indicate SOBRsafe as qualifying “safety measure”
  • SOBRsafe customers receiving savings quotes across 4 policy types

Technology Features

Giving employers everywhere unprecedented control over workforce (and public) safety, while eliminating a significant drag on the bottom line.


Transdermal Sensor

Alcohol detection with efficient workflow, non-invasive “go/no go” functionality, results in seconds

Biometric Identification

Alcohol scan results tied to a privacy-compliant ID, preventing circumvention, enhancing security

Real-Time Management

Wireless delivery of enterprise-wide data to a central dashboard for immediate appropriate action

Predictive Analytics

Actionable data collection empowers reduced-risk modeling, potentially lowering insurance costs

Preventative Solution

SOBRsafe gets ahead of the event, helping eliminate risk in the workplace, on roadways

ISO 9001 Compliance

Solution and services adhere to the highest standard of quality manufacturing and customer support

Delivery Vehicles
School Buses

Real-Time, Secure Data Delivery

Enterprise monitoring and analytics provides secure access to performance
reports and trend data.
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World’s First Touch-Based Solution To Prevent Alcohol-Related Accidents

Current mandatory and reactive solutions just punish the offense. SOBRsafe helps ensure it never happens and empowers management to provide employee assistance.

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Screening Process

Employee drinks alcohol.
Employee drinks alcohol.
While still impaired, employee heads to work.
While still impaired, employee heads to work.
Employee shows up to work and is
Employee shows up to work and is "screened" prior to entering the facility or depot. The system detects impairment, enabling action consistent with current policy.
Real-time results of screening will notify administration of possible impairment.
Real-time results of screening will notify administration of possible impairment.

A Human Health & Economic Crisis

Alcohol-related accident rates continue to climb, but detection technology has not kept pace

$63 Billion
Each year, alcohol-related injuries, deaths and lost productivity cost American employers and insurers $63 billion.
Nearly half of all industrial accidents involve alcohol, leading to 200,000 injuries and 500 deaths each year.
Workplace substance abusers incur 300% higher medical costs, and 3x the normal level of health benefits.


Ask us about exploring insurance savings via our SOBRsafe solution, becoming a
technology distributor, speaking with Investor Relations and more.

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