June 17, 2021   |   3 minute read

Industry Leader First of Multiple Planned Pilot Hosts; Preparing for Q3 Full Production

Boulder, CO, June 17, 2021 – SOBR Safe, Inc. (OTC: SOBR) (SOBRsafe™ or the Company), developers of a touch-based alcohol detection and identity verification platform, announced today the launch of its first pre-commercial pilot program with a global firm at their Denver, Colorado location. SOBRsafe’s technology is expected to enhance monitoring and improve employee safety in support of the employer’s zero-tolerance alcohol policy. This evaluation program is the first of multiple such pilots scheduled, in preparation for anticipated commercial production in Q3 2021.

SOBRsafe’s mission is to prevent alcohol-related accidents on our roadways and in our workplaces…with just the touch of a finger. The Company believes its technology has immediate applications across manufacturing/warehouses, commercial fleets, school bus safety and numerous other verticals.

Are you interested in exploring a pilot program for your business or school district? Please contact Justin Davis at justin.davis@staging.sobrsafe.com. To learn more about SOBRsafe, visit www.staging.sobrsafe.com or watch this brief video.

“We are excited to have identified this innovative, non-invasive technology to validate our safety excellence through definitive data and further elevate our current protocols,” said the employer’s safety representative. “We believe that this solution can increase productivity and reduce liability costs, while helping eliminate alcohol-related injuries and deaths.”

“After two years in development and testing, we are proud to announce that the first application of our proven technology is now being deployed for third party use,” stated SOBRsafe Chairman Dave Gandini. “This is truly a watershed moment for our company and shareholders – a vision now realized as reality, and to be validated via pilot by major employers nationwide. We have assembled an incredible team and we have built SOBRsafe to scale efficiently and effectively. We are excited to share with you all key milestones as our rollout unfolds.”

About SOBRsafe™ (www.staging.sobrsafe.com)

The annual cost of alcohol abuse in the U.S. is $249 billion. Nearly half of all industrial accidents with injuries are alcohol-related, and workers with an alcohol problem are 270% more likely to have an accident. In response, publicly-traded SOBRsafe™ has developed a proprietary, touch-based identity verification, alcohol detection and cloud-based reporting system. The technology is transferable across innumerable form factors, including personal wearables, stationary access control and for telematics integration. A preventative solution in a historically reactive industry, it is being deployed for school buses, commercial fleets, workplaces, managed care, young drivers and more. This patent-pending alcohol detection solution helps prevent an intoxicated worker from taking the factory floor, or a driver the vehicle keys. An offender is immediately flagged, and the employer (or parent, rehab sponsor, etc.) is empowered to take the appropriate corrective actions.

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