Protect Students and Save Money

America’s first touch-based alcohol detection system that helps prevent alcohol-related accidents with the touch of a finger. Save your district thousands of dollars and validate trust from parents and insurers alike.


Introducing SOBRcheckTM, the Low Cost of Safe Transportation

Daily safety verification with SOBRcheckTM leaves no child to chance. SOBRcheckTM is the first preventative, non-invasive identity authentication and alcohol detection system in the U.S. This sleek, discrete device integrates seamlessly into your vehicle check out/in protocols for real-time safety verification.

  • Reduce risk by up to $1,700 per bus annually
  • Daily data to potentially cut insurance costs
  • Further ensure alcohol-free bus routes every day
  • Cost savings help hire and retain quality drivers
  • Biometric identification (privacy-compliant)
  • Bolster your position as a community safety leader

Validate Trust with SOBRcheckTM

Whether your district has suffered from a past bus driver DUI or has a clean record, SOBRcheckTM will give you the greatest confidence yet possible in the absence of alcohol with just the touch of a finger upon check-out and return.


DUI Challenged?

If your district has suffered from a bus driver DUI in recent years, you understand that the backlash from the community is swift – and its trust in student safety difficult to rebuild. What if you could announce to parents across the region that never again would a driver take the keys with alcohol in their system, as verified prior to every route, every day?

This is the corrective power of SOBRcheckTM.



You have a spotless driver safety record – shouldn’t you get financial credit for that? For the first time districts can gather empirical data on the absence of alcohol in your driver pool over time, as collected uniformly and without human subjectivity. Armed with this analysis, we can approach insurers to lower premiums, freeing cash for driver hiring and retention.

Validate excellence with SOBRcheckTM


Special Offer: Fellow NAPT® Member 2021 Safety Pioneer Discount

Per Device Installation Fee
Per Driver Monthly Subscription

*2021 Safety Pioneer Discount

For our fellow NAPT® members, the first five that sign a one-year agreement will get six months free, and we will waive the installation fee!

Return on DetectionTM Calculator

Do you know how much alcohol abuse costs your organization each year, across industry average absenteeism, turnover, injury and fatality rates? Find out now.

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