Supporting the Continuum of Care

SOBRsafe’s technology provides real-time alcohol insight at every phase of the treatment journey, helping you achieve optimal client outcomes.

Father and Son
Surety with Dignity

At SOBRsafe, we believe in supporting, not policing…
Empowering, not shaming…
Improving life, not interrupting it.

Through advanced technology, we believe we can reduce relapse, bring families together, and help save lives. Our behavioral modification tools can remove the stigma and discomfort from alcohol compliance – while providing positive reinforcement and creating intrinsic accountability.


SOBRcheck detects and in real-time reports the presence of alcohol as emitted through the pores of a fingertip – no breath, blood, or urine sample is required… just the touch of a finger. SOBRcheck is up to 4x more efficient than a standard breathalyzer check-in process.

SOBRcheck has been an invaluable tool for us. It empowers us to verify the absence of alcohol in a rapid, accurate way, replacing breathalyzers for our everyday use.

– Keenen Diamond,
   President and COO of Oceanfront Recovery, Laguna Beach

“SOBRcheck’s innovative technology creates significant efficiencies, freeing up invaluable time to empower client recovery. The technology is much faster and more sanitary than breathalyzers, and with its biometric identity verification it lets our employees always know ‘who is who’ – even with a constantly changing clientele.”
- Dave Armstrong, CEO of Alternatives, operators of pre-release residential centers in Billings, Montana.

Biometric Reader

SOBRcheck confirms a client’s identity and alcohol status in just 10 seconds.


The Power of Monitoring

Individuals who are monitored for five years post-treatment have a recovery rate of up to 92%, as opposed to the average five-year recovery rate of just 30%.

– Being Sober (Haroutunian, 2013)


Advanced Technology, Easy to Monitor

SOBRsure’s technology makes it easy for families or professionals to monitor progress. The application provides alcohol detection alerts, pinpoint location tracking, and band removal notifications.


No administered or scheduled testing, just wear and live life


89-93% accurate at 3–4 drinks; up to 99% accurate at 5+ drinks


Anonymized data, monitoring with no public visibility

SOBRsure is the first of its kind – a voluntary, prevention wearable for continuous alcohol monitoring. It is ideal for accountability in recovery, building co-parenting trust, and combating drunk driving. A parent, a therapist, a sponsor, an attorney – they can virtually verify at any time that the wearer is alcohol-free. Imagine independence from scheduled or administered tests – just attach SOBRsure and live life.

Jason Wahlter, TV Personality, Recovery Advocate & SOBRsure User

Headshot of Jason Wahler
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