Creating Alcohol-Free Workplaces and Fleets

Introducing SOBRcheckTM

A simple touch of a finger, and just a few brief seconds. This is all it takes to ensure your employees remain alcohol-free, and that insurers, regulators and customers alike are firmly in your company’s corner. SOBRcheck™️️️️ is the first preventative, non-invasive identity authentication and alcohol detection system in the U.S. This sleek, discrete device integrates seamlessly into your employee check in/vehicle check out protocols for real-time safety verification.

Prior Alcohol Incidents?

If your business has suffered from a workplace accident or driver DUI in recent years, you understand that the repercussions are severe – and constituent trust difficult to rebuild. What if you could announce to insurers, regulators and customers that never again would a worker take the floor, or a driver the keys, with alcohol in their system, as verified prior to every shift or route, every day? This is the corrective power of SOBRcheck™️️️️.

Alcohol Incident-Free?

You have a spotless workplace and driver safety record – shouldn’t you get financial credit for that? For the first time companies can gather empirical data on the absence of alcohol in your employee base over time, as collected uniformly and without human subjectivity. Armed with this analysis, we can approach insurers to lower premiums, freeing cash for competitive hiring and retention. Validate excellence with SOBRcheck™️️️️.

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Return on DetectionTM Calculator

Do you know how much alcohol abuse costs your organization each year, across industry average absenteeism, turnover, injury and fatality rates? Find out now.

Your Total Annual Cost of Employee & Driver Alcohol Abuse
Your Monthly Exposure Per Employee:
Your Monthly Exposure Per Driver:

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The Low Cost of Safe Roads and Workplaces

The Low Cost of Safe Roads and Workplaces

Per Device Installation Fee
Per User Monthly Subscription
$14.95* $19.95

*2021 Safety Pioneer Discount


Pilot Participation Benefits

  • The first five employers that participate in our pilot program will get the first six months free
  • If you sign a one-year agreement we will:
    • Waive the installation fee, AND
    • Give you an additional 25% discount off your monthly subscription cost!


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